BlockchainSpace X Sandbox Academy Launch the SandKwela Online Course

BlockchainSpace X Sandbox Academy Launch the SandKwela Online Course

BlockchainSpace has partnered up with Sandbox Academy, and they’ve introduced a free online course that teaches how to monetize your art and sell it effectively as NFTs. This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for those who’ve always wondered what NFTs are and how to create your own NFTs.

Sandbox Academy and BlockchainSpace are excited to announce their onboarding for the third batch of the SandKwela Online Course. What is best about this course is exclusivity and how they select their students and instructors. Each batch consists of seven students. As each course is completed, the top students will be selected and added to the pool of artists for the Sandbox Academy. 

The course is named SandKwela, it teaches you how you can create your own NFTs on VoxEdit – a leading software that provides you with the necessary tools to create and animate your own voxel-based NFTs. With this course, you can kickstart your NFT career, become an artist, and get involved in Web3. 

This 5-day course comes with different modules starting with the Introduction to VoxEdit. At first, the students will learn how to create simple digital assets. As they go towards the advanced concepts, they’ll learn how to get the proportions for their assets working with the environment. They’ll also learn how to create simple animations using the tools.

Then comes the Architectural and Design module, where the students will be assigned a game or environment – they will be tasked to create a suitable asset for them. (see? It’s not just lectures, but also practical work too)

BlockchainSpace students find the next module, Character and Creature Design, very intimidating and call it their favorite as they learn how to translate character ideas into living NFTs. The students are given a free hand on what they can build – they use their imagination and craft a unique character on their own. 

At the end of the course, there is a contest where all the students showcase the skills and techniques they’ve learned from this course. 

“Through this course, we hope to highlight every aspect of the entrepreneurial spirit of each student. Upon completion, our students will understand the ins and outs of simple and compound assets and how to create an animated asset from scratch. Our three trainers have backgrounds in lead game design as well as interior design, and they aim to elevate your knowledge of Web3 art by applying their skills and expertise to take you to new worlds within your imagination.”  


Interested in enrolling? Click Here and enroll in SandKwela to get started in the world of NFTs and digital art. 

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