Brave Frontier Heroes – The New MCH+ Game

Brave Frontier Heroes MCH+ Game blockchain

Brave Frontier Heroes is a new MCH+ game by Double Jump.Tokyo (creators of MyCryptoHeroes) and Alim Co based on the successful Brave Frontier that counts over 38 million downloads.

The new game features pixel-art graphics and the existing MCH design with some modifications while the gameplay follows Brave’s Hero proven concept. Powered by the Ethereum network, you can earn digital assets through PvP events and quests.

Currently, there is a “Battle Test” ongoing where everyone can participate and an initial token sale will be held in Q1 of 2020.

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A World Guinness Record

Brave Frontier holds a Guinness record for the most playable pixel art characters in a mobile game. There are currently 627 characters and it’s expected to see a lot of them in the new game, Brave Frontier Heroes. It’s worth to mention that the game is already 7 years old and it counts players from more than 64 countries.

Join The Brave Frontier Heroes Battle Test

Until December 24th, the battle test is available with the purpose of balancing the game and demoing the battle system. You can use all the items and battle for free, you only need an Ethereum wallet like MetaMask to participate.

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Join Now Brave Frontier Heroes

About MyCryptoHeroes

MCH is one of the most popular Ethereum games with a weekly trading volume of 650 ETH and 6,500 daily active users. The RPG pixel art game has made a huge success in Asia with its pixel art graphics and auto-battle function. Fight in nodes, battle against other players and stylize your items on the Ethereum blockchain.

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