Can Horses Celebrate Valentine’s Day? In Pegaxy They Can

The Valentine's Breeding Event For Pegaxy Is Here

As everyone is preparing for Valentine’s day and getting ready to make plans with their beloved ones. Pegaxy is getting ready for the the Valentine’s Breeding Event.

On February 13, 2022, at 6 PM (UTC+8), the Pegaxy team will be selling a limited number of Valentine’s tickets in the marketplace that can give your future newborn Pega a Valentine Aura.

Users seeking a Pegaxy Scholarship can join the Guild Discord Server.

Details (Prices & Supply)

Rare Valentine Ticket

  •  Price: 6.666 $VIS 
  • Supply: 1500 Tickets

Epic Valentine Ticket

  • Price: 17.499 $VIS 
  • Supply: 100 Tickets

Legendary Valentine Ticket

  • Price: 29.999 $VIS 
  • Supply: 500 Tickets

About Pegaxy

Pegaxy is an automated horse racing game where 12 horses race in each match. The goal is to finish in the top three spots, and future updates promise a “skill-based gameplay.” Finishing in the Top 3 will reward players with VIS, the play-to-earn, Polygon-based rewarding token.

Pegaxy has spiked the interest of blockchain gamers due to its interesting burning mechanisms. So far, stats from the Apollo platform show that minting vs burning is very close with some minting spikes happening due to VIS unlock from big guilds.

As of now, VIS burning happens with breeding and Pega name change while an upcoming feature with NITRO Boost is expected to arrive. The Nitro boost will probably bring back less VIS per win, but it’s mandatory to keep the economy healthy and the player-base is eager to try it.

We understand that Pegaxy is trying to avoid the mistakes of Axie Infinity (SLP) and provide burning mechanisms for the play-to-earn token shorter than expected.

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