Capcom’s Street Fighter Collectibles coming on WAX

Not long after the successful release of Garbage Pali Kids, with a short video on twitter today, WAX announced the arrival of Street Fighter collectibles. The details of the cooperation haven’t revealed yet, but with GPK in mind, this is probably going to be collectible cards rather than a game.

Without a doubt, Street Fighter is a well-known fighting game released on August 30, 1987, by the Japanese games publisher Capcom. The latest SF release was this year with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition that contains an extra V-Skill for every champion and a lot of other additions.

WAX continues bringing nostalgic brands on the blockchain by issuing digital collectibles and offering them to the market. The proven scarcity and rarity drive demand in addition to the collector’s speculation for each card separately. Wax is one of the most convenient platforms for creating, buying, and selling virtual items with more than $100 million in trades since 2017.

Although this mind sounds new to many, Capcom has already licensed collectibles on the blockchain to Ecomi, creators of the Veve platform. The particular cooperation includes collectibles such as Batman, Star Trek, Street Fighter, and well-known companies like Warner Bros and DC.

The Street Fighter Collectibles coming on WAX is definetly an interested project to keep an eye out.