HodlGod Is Releasing New Toy Collectibles On June 10

HodlGod Toys Sale

Onessus is launching a series of collectibles sale for its 3D PvP game HodlGod on June 10. These all-new collectible toys NFTs have never been minted in the game before, and a limited number of these NFTs will be available for buying on the AtomicHub platform at 2pm EST (on sale day). You can use your WAXP tokens to buy the HodlGod …

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Uplift World: The Play To Earn Minecraft Metaverse You Want In.

Play to earn Minecraft Server, Uplift

What if I told you that there is a whole metaverse building on Minecraft? Not just a play to earn Minecraft server, but a huge community-owned virtual world where dozens of popular nft-based projects are building upon it? Of course, im talking about the Uplift World, a play to earn Minecraft metaverse on the WAX …

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Blockchain Gaming Digest 19/25 October 2020

Blockchain Gaming Digest

Welcome to our Blockchain Gaming Digest 19/25 October 2020!

This week Splinterlands is the most played game with 7,112 active users, while Upland follows with 6,394. The third game is Galaxy Blocks, with 4,959.

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Capcom’s Street Fighter Collectibles coming on WAX

Not long after the successful release of Garbage Pali Kids, with a short video on twitter today, WAX announced the arrival of Street Fighter collectibles. The details of the cooperation haven’t revealed yet, but with GPK in mind, this is probably going to be collectible cards rather than a game. Without a doubt, Street Fighter …

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Topps Collectible Cards Now on The WAX Blockchain

Blockchain technology offers possibilities in many sectors but especially in gaming, collectibles, and art. With the true item ownership and the NFT standards, anyone can view the rarity of an item, proof its authenticity, as well as its records such as transaction history.

Users all over the world can trade their items without any restrictions and monetize their gameplay. More game developers are exploring ways to integrate blockchain to their games every day. Now it is time for a well-known company, “Topps,” to create Collectible Cards using the WAX Blockchain.

Since 1938, Topps is a Company that specializes in producing trading cards. These items vary among popular sports leagues, to pop culture phenomenons like Garbage Pail Kids, Star Wars, WWE, and many more. 

Now the company takes the big step to offer popular cards on the blockchain as well. That way, collectors will be able to buy, sell, and trade their digital items as well as to view their records and trading history.

The first available assets will be from the pop culture phenomenon Garbage Pail Kids. The sale is supposed to go live today with more items will follow soon.

One out of one hundred users who acquire a Topps card will receive a golden one!

Topps chose the WAX blockchain as a safe and convenient way to bring to life these new collectibles.

Visit the Topps website on Wax.

With information from DappRaddar