HodlGod Is Releasing New Toy Collectibles On June 10

Onessus is launching a series of collectibles sale for its 3D PvP game HodlGod on June 10. These all-new collectible toys NFTs have never been minted in the game before, and a limited number of these NFTs will be available for buying on the AtomicHub platform at 2pm EST (on sale day). You can use your WAXP tokens to buy the HodlGod toy collectibles.

The HodlGod Toy Drop 2.0 includes:

  • 2 eggs 
  • 2 dragons
  • 2 Immortal armor sets
  • 2 Immortal weapon sets

Buying any of these collectibles gives you full ownership rights and benefits regarding money and in-game usage. You can hold these collectibles like other NFTs in your collection, sell them on secondary marketplaces (3rd party NFT exchanges), or open them to burn them and get VOID tokens.

Although dragons are a part of this drop, they can not be purchased directly in the sale. You have to buy eggs on June 10 and keep them until June 18 – the day when baby dragons will hatch from these eggs.

Any NFTs that do not get sold during the sale period will be burned forever.

Price, Unboxing Reward, And Limit Of Each HodlGod Collectible

Here is are details about the price, unbox reward, and limit for each collectible.

2 Eggs

  • Price: $200 (in WAXP)
  • Unbox Reward: 1.4MM VOID
  • Limit: 250 

2 Immortal Armor Sets

  • Price: $100 (in WAXP)
  • Unbox Reward: 700K VOID
  • Limit: 500

2 Immortal Weapon Sets

  • Price: $50 (in WAXP)
  • Unbox Reward: 350K VOID
  • Limit: 1000

Early Access For VOID Token Holders

If you hold 1 million VOID tokens, you will get access to the sale 10 minutes before the sale starts for the general public. This allows you to get your hands on those valuable and rare NFTs earlier than everybody else. 

Snapshots of users’ wallets will be taken on June 8 at 11pm EST, and if you have the required amount of token to be eligible for early access, you will be selected.

Moreover, another snapshot will be taken on June 17 at 6 pm EST to give mystery tokens to users who had bought at least one Immortal armor set or one Immortal weapon set during the sale. 

About HodlGod

HodlGod is a 3D player vs. player fantasy game where players can trade NFTs on the WAX blockchain and use them to make upgrades to in-game characters, weapons, etc. The games offer its players two modes of play: Arena Mode – a ten player match where the last man standing is considered the winner – and Purgatory Mode – where players can play in teams to earn tokens.

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