WAX Blockchain Continuous Its Journey to Mainstream With the Antelope 3.1 Upgrade

WAX, a blockchain purely dedicated to Web3 gaming, announced yesterday, Mar. 27, a new core protocol upgrade called Antelope 3.1, signaling WAX blockchain's journey to mainstream.
Antelope v3.1

WAX, a blockchain purely dedicated to Web3 gaming, announced yesterday, Mar. 27, a new core protocol upgrade called Antelope 3.1, signaling WAX blockchain’s journey to mainstream.

Antelope is an open framework backed by EOS Network, Telos, UX Network, and now WAX. Antelope is behind some of the fastest, most secure, user-friendly Web3 products and services. Developers and companies worldwide utilize Antelope for various applications, from DeFi and supply chain management to NFTs and games.

What Will Antelope v3.1 Include

How will Antelope v3.1 ensure WAX will continue to dominate the Web3 gaming and digital asset space? Antelope will offer WAX many vital features to make this happen. Those are:

  • Various standard tools, interfaces, APIs, and documentation resources (used to build Web3 games and applications).
  • Improved transaction lifecycles (Transaction Retry, Transaction Finality Status, and Transaction Resource Cost Estimation)
  • Subjective billing improvements 

In addition to all of those, improved compatibility with the GELF appender logging protocol upgraded crypto primitives and encryption libraries, and a new snapshot format will fill out the rest of the upgrades made to WAX.