NFT World Cup 2023 Amplifies Impact with WAX Blockchain Integration

NFT World Cup 2023 Amplifies Impact with WAX Blockchain Integration

Following a resounding triumph in its initial event, the NFT World Cup 2023 is set to return, now more substantial and impactful, by incorporating the WAX blockchain. This inclusion permits WAX projects to participate, attracting a robust gaming community and expanding the tournament’s reach.

The decision to integrate the WAX blockchain has the potential to innovate the NFT World Cup. The tournament, which features 32 different NFT projects, offers a platform for Web3 communities to engage in spirited competition. Participants compete in a free-to-play fighting game and engage in numerous social quests, allowing them to champion their favorite projects.

A Rewarding Journey

The tournament structure creates an appealing reward mechanism. As the contest progresses, the prize pool will be used to “sweep the floor” of the projects based on their results. These acquired NFTs will then be distributed among the top performers.

The inaugural event saw impressive engagement, boasting 200,000 game sessions, 3,000 players, and a social media footprint of 9,500 tweets. The tournament is poised to exceed these numbers in its second iteration, thanks to the support of significant entities such as Polygon, DappRadar, Zeneca, and others.

Easy to Join and Enjoy

Participation is straightforward. Upon event launch, anyone can join by selecting one of the available 32 avatars and earning points towards victory. The gameplay involves exciting 1vs1 battles in a “Street-fighter” style format. Both PvP and PvE game modes are available, and each player’s victories will contribute to the score of the project associated with their selected avatar.

Apart from the battles, participants can enhance their scores via the Social Score System, wherein quests can be completed to accumulate additional points. The tournament will commence on August 27, 2023, with alternating days of fighting and social activities. During the break days, successful projects and their communities can strategize, form alliances or initiate social media campaigns to secure their place in the next round.

Participation and Contribution

Interested NFT projects can join the contest by donating 0.3 ETH, of which 0.25 ETH will contribute to the prize pool, and 0.05 ETH will cover operational costs. This tournament offers a fantastic opportunity for NFT projects to gain exposure and recognition within the vibrant NFT community.