CGC Kyiv 2019 – Cutting-edge Games Conference – the largest convention dedicated to blockchain, VR, AR and AI in gaming

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On October 10th and 11th, for the fourth time in a row, CGC has brought together the brightest minds of the game industry for an international gaming innovation conference. Dozens of rockstar speakers have discussed synergies of blockchain, VR, AR, AI technologies with gaming. Startups and renowned developers have demonstrated their ambitious projects to investors, potential clients, and partners, and to everyone else.

The Conference

Two tracks were filled up with mind-blowing sessions, including insightful talks and red hot panel discussions by industry professionals ready to share their hands-on experience and knowledge.

Among them there were newcomers to CGC – Vita Pur (Somnium Space), Alex Barder (VRWERX), Paul de Groot (Mobytron), Pavel Shlapak (Caer Sidi), as well as usual suspects – Vladimir Tomko (Blockchain Cuties Universe), Morten Rongaard (Reality Gaming Group), Sang Chung (PlayDapp) among many many others.

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CGC Awards

At the end of the second conference day, the annual CGC Awards ceremony had honored the best projects in five different nominations:

  • The Best Blockchain Game

Winner: Decimated ( – a post-apocalyptic 3rd-person survival role-playing game with a blockchain-based economy where players can choose to play a human citizen or a cyborg cop.

Developer: Fracture Labs

Prize from Exclusive marketing package “To the Moon!” for three months

  • The Best Gaming Platform 

Winner: Krypton ( – an Ethereum main-net Planet App, the core app of the KGC application layer. With built-in perfect wallet, NFT wallet, NFT trading mall and other functions, the Ethereum version of SuperPlayer is also online, and can compete with Zilliqa’s main-network players in real-time.

Developer: Krypton

Prize from DappRadar: Two weeks of promotion at

  • The Best AR/VR Game 

Winner: Reality Clash ( – the first-ever augmented reality combat game that takes place in the real world.

Developer: Reality Gaming Group

Prize from CGC: “Silver” promotion package during the next CGC event

  • The Best of CGC Showcase 

Winner: CryptoMotors ( – a professional car design studio based in Germany dedicated to creating decentralized digital vehicles powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Developer: CryptoMotors

Prize from WAX: 20,000 WAX tokens

  • The Best Cosplay

For two days, cosplayers created an unreal atmosphere at CGC. But without doubt, the cosplay on Jim Raynor from StarCraft series by Zhuravlov Volodymyr was the most unforgettable. It amazed everyone and boldly took the title of The Best Cosplay at the show.

Winner: General Raynor from StarCraft by Zhuravlov Volodymyr

Prize: $500

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Networking and Parties

CGC is famous for its conference sessions, expo floor, and business meetings. But that’s not all… GCC’s goal is to help attendees in making new useful acquaintances, improving and refreshing connections, and spending time in pleasant conversations about disrupting the gaming industry and not only. After all, you’re only as strong as your network!

The recent conference was traditionally followed by the Pre-Party and the Official Party sponsored by CoinPoint, featuring lounge atmosphere, drinks and entertainment for relaxation and networking after busy conference hours.

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Tour to Chernobyl

After two action-packed days, CGC was still far from its finale. An extreme networking event was organized for the bravest participants – a day-long trip to the ghost town of Pripyat and infamous Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, the iconic man-made catastrophe site which was recently depicted in detail by HBO mini-series Chernobyl. Among those who dared to enter the Exclusion Zone were daredevils from XAYA, Arkane Network, DeStream, CoinPoint, and others.

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Thanks and Hugs to Sponsors!

CGC team expresses its gratitude to sponsors for their support and active help. This conference has become a reality thanks to DappRadar, PlayDapp, Arkane Network, XAYA, Caer Sidi, Altar: the War of Gods, Reality Gaming Group, CoinPoint, Kin Labs, Crypto Chronic, Creative States, Krypton, MobyTron, Time Loop, Worldopo and Bountyhub, who share CGC’s vision and enthusiasm in driving mass adoption to cutting-edge gaming technologies.

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