CGC X Event To Take Place On April 28th & 29th

CGC X 28-29

Due to the war in Ukraine, CGC has postponed the event multiple times as the core members were located in the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv.

Finally, the CGC X virtual event will come to life on April 28th and 29th, offering two days of priceless knowledge and networking.

What awaits you at CGC X?

CGC X – the tenth edition of the leading blockchain games conference – will take place on April 28th and 29th, 2022! Two full days of priceless content and interactive networking with over 3,500 participants await you. Don’t miss a chance to listen to words of wisdom from 50+ expert speakers; explore the virtual expo and meet industry leaders; learn about the latest blockchain games and services; hang out with peers and much more.

It’s been four years since the very first CGC event brought together a bunch of startups and enthusiasts from blockchain and games spaces excited to meet up and discuss the opportunity of the emerging technology to disrupt the entertainment industry. Fast forward to 2022, those folks flipped the way people perceive games, art, collectibles, fashion and social interaction on its head, revolutionizing the ownership of digital goods, and enabling the much-hyped metaverse phenomenon everyone drools over today.

What an amazing journey it was – four years, nine conferences, over 15,000 attendees and collaborations with the best blockchain startups from all over the world. And we’re just getting started! In April 2022, be prepared to taste the anniversary CCG X, our biggest and brightest conference so far.

Game Expo

Explore the virtual expo zone filled with booths to discover the latest developments and brand-new blockchain / NFT games. Get familiar with the red hot P2E landscape and dive into the metaverse together.


As always, CGC X invites top industry influencers and executives of leading companies in the decentralized games space to share knowledge, insights and experience. Don’t miss a chance to learn from luminaries who shape the future of gaming.


Multiple events are planned for two days of CGC X, including giveaways and blockchain games showcase. Win special NFTs by performing various quests during the show. Keeping an eye on the event’s activity, being engaged and having fun will most certainly pay off!


Blockchain games utilize features of decentralized networks in their mechanics. Combined with DeFi, they transform traditional gaming into play-and-earn activity, where users become more than players, but also investors and virtual business owners, earning interest on their assets.


NFTs are digital items, uniqueness and ownership of which are proven by distributed ledger and cannot be counterfeited. These qualities brought adoption and massive use of NFTs by game developers, artists, fashion brands, musicians and metaverses uniting all of them.


Mingle with industry peers, get in touch and mix using the meeting system. Easily communicate with speakers, exhibitors and media. Make new acquaintances and discuss opportunities as if it’s a good old physical show. Accessible to all, everywhere in the world!

Get featured at CGC X with an exclusive presence to gain monumental exposure among 3500+ delegates over the course of two days of the show!

Set up a virtual booth, run a marketing campaign, showcase, pitch and advertise your products, arrange giveaways and generate leads.

To support Ukrainian teams during this difficult time – we provide a 50% discount on any type of sponsorship package for Ukraine-based companies!

Contact Mary Yakovleva to find out available options.

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About CGC

CGC has been running a series of international events about technology and video games since early 2018, targeting industry professionals and enthusiasts excited about blockchain, NFTs, VR/AR and innovation. Nine conferences have already taken place, bringing together more than 15,000 delegates from over 100 countries, and creating hundreds of new partnerships and opportunities. Designed as a global knowledge center, a showcase of emerging tech and trends as well as a platform for networking, CGC endeavors to drive dissemination and mass adoption of disruptive technologies set to change video games and entertainment industries. More information at

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