CropBytes a Crypto Based Farm Simulation Game

CropBytes is a highly anticipated game in the crypto world right now. A game for all players and ages the free to play version will be coming out shortly.

Since their initial release in 2018, development has never stopped. The game always has new updates and features making it refreshing and fun to play.
A Farming simulation game based on the popular Farmville comes with a lot of promise. Focusing on key aspects like player incentivization and game experience.

Farmville had about 53 Million players in its peak, even though farm coins and assets were valued only in the game. It generated $235 million in revenue in the first quarter.
The community around CropBytes is strong and always growing. Players have already made huge profits paying CropBytes.

Cropbytes Gameplay

You start with a barn and a few sheds in the virtual land of CropBytes. You can take on either or all of 3 roles in the game.

Buy land and start farming. Grow crops, raise animals, collect extracts and supplies for use and sell the excess in the open market. You can sell at your price.
Buy and Sell assets, game cards, animals, extracts in the market place. Predict the market supply and demand to make huge profits.
Invest in rare, high-value assets like islands, food mills, windmills, etc. These assets grow in value over time and give regular returns.
A Fishing game is coming soon, players will be able to catch fish in their lake. More mini-games like 3D superhero battles are coming soon.
Other features
The open market which is fair to all, An intuitive trading platform.
CropBytes will also release their very own CBX coin, which will be integrated into all upcoming games in the CropBytes Multiverse

How to Earn Crypto While Playing CropBytes.

Farming activities will give you extracts and supplies needed for the economy to function. These can be traded in the game market at any price, based on supply and demand.
Trading: As some assets are rear and some scarce, Holding and trading these can be worth huge profits in the game.
Investing: Pro assets are very rare and are essential to the game. Food Processors, Solar panel are always required to produce food and electricity. Theses are required daily in the game and are a steady source of daily income with a bonus for holding.
Cash Out: You can transfer your earnings to any wallet accepting TRX.

Unlike other crypto games, CropBytes has a buyback policy on certain assets in the game. You can sell certain assets back to the developers and get back the invested amount.

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