CropBytes Blockchain Game Is Now Available To Play

CropBytes Blockchain Game is now live

CropBytes Blockchain game is now available To play, and you can download it in Google Store. The CropBytes community welcomed the game’s release with excitement, and now the fun begins!

CropBytes is a farming game in which you can raise animals, grow crops, breed, own land, and trade with other players in the game’s decentralized marketplace.

CropBytes team has onboard some ex-Zynga developers and other professionals capable of delivering a top-shelf farming game. 

The iOS version of the CropBytes Blockchain game will be available soon for download.

Not all features are available now, but a completed game with all the in-game features will be available within the next weeks.

Play Now Crop Bytes

CropBytes blockchain game

How to play CropBytes Blockchain Game

To play, you have to register at Cropbytes and download the game through Google Play.

After you have registered on the official CropBytes website and downloaded the game, you have to choose a spot on the map to place your farm.

Please note that real-life temperature and rainfall will affect your farm performance, think twice before placing your farm somewhere.

By clicking on the inventory button, you can see all of your available assets.

To move assets in the CropByes blockchain game, you just have to drag and drop in the desired spot.

If you would like to put assets for sale, click on the asset you want, and in the pop-up window type the number of units for sale, after that type the price.

If you would like to buy CropBytes in-game assets, you can do it through the Flash Sale, which occurs once a week through the official website or other players in the game’s decentralized marketplace.