Crypt-Oink: Trending Pigs On The Blockchain

Crypt-Oink is a blockchain collectible game featuring adorable pigs. You will be able to train them, race them and much more!

Crypt Oink is a blockchain game all about collecting breeding and racing pigs called Cryptons.
Crypt Oink is a blockchain game all about collecting breeding and racing pigs called Cryptons.

Have you ever wanted to breed pigs? Now is your chance!

A new game, made in Japan is currently trending in the dapps rankings all about racing, collecting and breeding Pigs!

Crypto-Oink is a new collectible game with low entry fee and adorable graphics. Currently, you can buy pigs for less than a dollar, build your own Breeding ground, train the pigs and test their skills in races!

The adorable, hermaphrodite pigs in Crypto-Oink are called Cryptons, they come in various colors, with different patterns, characteristics, and background.

Crypt-Oink – Cryptons

As we mentioned above, each Crypton is unique with different statics, breeding times, rarity types and so much more attributes.

A generation 0 Crypton in Crypt-Oink, showcasing the attributes and statics of the particular pig.
A generation 0 Crypton in Crypt-Oink, bought for only 0.005ETH. Showcasing the attributes and statics of the particular pig.

A Crypton can wear special items like barrels, wings and even space suits. Those items can pass to others through breeding but that’s not a guarantee.

The younger Cryptons have basic color schemes and lower breeding cooldown, they are the backbone of a newly formed pig-society, as a result, the next generation of Cryptons need more time for cooldown but they may appear with rare traits that won’t be found in the younger ones.

Breeding Cryptons

Cooldown for generation 0 Crypton
Cooldown Table in Crypt-Oink

The lowest the generation, the faster the breeding cooldown is. Of course, as you breed, the time is raised but by acquiring two generation 0 Cryptons, you can easily start breeding without worrying about the cooldown.

Generation 0 Crypton cost either 0.001 ETH ($1) or 0.0005 ETH ($0.5), depending on the release date.

Now you are probably wondering what happens after you breed two Cryptons.

The breeding formula goes like this: If you breed two generation 0 Cryptons, the newborn will be generation 1. On the other hand, if you breed a generation 17 Crypton with a generation 0, the result will be generation 18. With the same logic, breeding two generation 20 Cryptons will result in a generation 40 piggy!

Space themes Crypton in Crypt-Oink
Space themes Crypton in Crypt-Oink

Don’t forget something really important, breeding can result in discovering new perks, meaning that you might get something really unique!

Cryptons like Usain Bolt

The next big update will contain the CryptoRacing mode! You will be able to compete with other Cryptons in races and let the best one win!

There are not many details available yet but the development team released a sneak peek from the upcoming races mode and also announced a Special Pre-Sale in preparation for CryptonRacing. Limited edition “thoroughbred” Crypton will be available!

Each Crypton has three stats, Speed, Stamina and Power, all of them are used to determine the winner in each race.

Watch the sneak-peak from CryptonRacing.

How to play Crypt-Oink

Crypt-Oink is playable through metamask and twitter account. You can either login with your metamask as any other blockchain collectible game or just sign-in using your twitter account.

The game will create a twitter Ethereum wallet for you which will be used to store your Cryptons in it and access the game.

Cryptons Running

You can claim free Cryptons to start with, or you can just purchase some generation 0 from the official store or other special Cryptons from the user’s decentralized marketplace.

Currently, if you gift a Crypton to another player using the twitter address, you will receive a special background for free!


So far so good, we are waiting for the Races mode to be released in order to test the game, there is a good momentum right now for the game, the developers have met all the deadlines as of today and it seems that they are working hard on this project.

Graphics are great, the pigs are lovely, players are going crazy for collectibles, Crypt-Oink has the whole package to succeed. We suggest getting a Crypton or two,  if you are not in place to buy a Crypton, make sure you join our community and ask for more details on how you can get free Cryptons.

A big thanks to @GenoD who made this article possible!

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