Spaced Theme Blockchain Mobile Idle Game


CryptoGalaxy doesn't require any investment to play! Play for free and earn GALA tokens as a reward as your miners dig in planets!


You only have to choose a planet to dig! Let your miners do the hard work for you and login a few times a day to collect!


Zeepin is a smart blockchain that empowers creators and developers by allowing them to turn enthusiasm into business.

About CryptoGalaxy

CryptoGalaxy is a mobile idle game powered by ZEEPIN blockchain that features miners, planets and robots! The game is free to play with options to purchase tokens to use in game and mine faster, but that's not a requirement. By playing CryptoGalaxy you earn GALA tokens that can later be converted into ZPT. You can also stake them and receive a passive income through the game. CryptoGalaxy offers an idle experience that you can play anytime, anywhere!

How to Play CryptoGalaxy

Play CryptoGalaxy in Android & iOS devices as well as you can run it in any android simulator such as NOX.
Start with a basic miner and begin mining valuable ores in order to exchange them for GALA tokens. By playing the game you will be able to upgrade and buy new miners and of course planets. Owning a planet brings passive income as you take a percent of what miners earn by digging in your planet.

Play for free or invest a small ammount, its up to you! CryptoGalaxy offers a fun idle experience for every age, anytime of the day.

Play CryptoGalaxy

CryptoGalaxy is a truly decentralized dapp game powered by Zeepin that you can play right away! Visit the official website and get started!

Zeepin Blockchain

Zeepin offers a number of interesting services and developers can built upon it. Based on the NEO blockchain, Zeepin takes a different approach to help creators and developers. Learn more about Zeeping & ZPT Today.

CryptoGalaxy is one of the oldest blockchain games available! Launched in late 2018, it has received a lot of updates and evolved into a fully functional decentralized mobile game with endless possibilities available. If you like mobile games and you are a casual player, take advantage of CryptoGalaxy and earn some GALA tokens for yourself.