Crypto Idle Miners offers a true Play-to-Earn & Free-to-Play experience in a fun and addictive mobile simulator game!


As an Idle game, you can play all day long, or just 10 minutes when possible. You even earn while offline!


Earn HORA Tokens while playing and sell them for cash or use them in-game. In the future, HORA will be used in other games also!

About Crypto Idle Miner

When it was the last time you played an idle/simulator game on your smartphone and got rewarded for your time spent playing? Never right? Now this is going to change!
The popular mobile game combines 5 niches into one, mobile, gaming, crypto, mining and Play to Earn model. Because of the idle elements, you can play without having to spend a lot of time. Play on the go, at your friends or even when you having a break at work! In Crypto Idle Miner you can't loose your earnings, only accumulate HORA tokens at the end of each season! The game rewards players even when offline!

How to Play Crypto Idle Miner

The game is available for both Android & iOS devices as well as you can play it by using any android simulator such as NOX.
Your goal is to build the biggest mining empire and reach the best possible place in the leaderboard. The more points you have by the end of the season, the bigger the reward will be! Players get HORA tokens as reward, a TRC20 Token (TRON Token) that can be freely tradable in any Decentralized Exchange. In the future, HORA will be used in more games powered by the development company, HORA Games.

Crypto Idle Miner is the ideal game for those who don't have enough time to play all day long! Play for free and earn yourself some HORA tokens!

Play Crypto Idle Miner

Free to Play & Play to Earn is a powerfull combination in blockchain gaming! Don't miss your chance to try Crypto Idle Miner today!

The seasons in Crypto Idle Miner last for one week. After the end of each season the progress is restarted but players keep the improvements made to the employees. So, each season is easier to play with more profits as employees play an important role in Crypto Idle Miner.
The overwhelming community of Crypto Idle Miner will always be happy to guide you around and give a few tips on how to play better and efficiently. suggests Crypto Idle Miner as one of the best F2P & P2E Games!