CryptoWars Loom Tournament With 500 DAI in Prizes

cryptowars tournament loom

This Saturday 27th CryptoWars will be hosting its second big monthly tournament which starts at 3PM UTC and lasts until 8PM UTC. 5 hours of gameplay awarding 500 Dai to the top 20 players of the tournament.

In the past month of June our blockchain gamers generated over 440K transactions, and this month we’re already reaching 400K transactions and with one more tournament to go this month, we’re very well on track of beating last month’s number of transactions.

All this blockchain gaming action in the CryptoWars realm is possible in part thanks to Loom which provides us the scalability necessary for the dapp to run smoothly and without any issues or delays.

By the end of the month, CryptoWars will have awarded over U$D2000 in Dai tokens to gamers from all over the world making PlayToEarn something happening right now and not some far fetched idea coming in the future.

Join the action now! Subscribe for free here to this weekend big monthly tournament sponsored by Loom and start your PlayToEarn journey with CryptoWars.

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