War Riders Gameplay Video & More Reveals

War Riders Gameplay Video

Do you guys also smell that BZN? Get ready to start your engines as War Riders Gameplay Video & More Reveals are here.

War Riders, a popular upcoming MMO Blockchain Game, released the first pre-alpha gameplay trailer yesterday and, it doesn’t look like Alpha.

Green Lambos, Family SUVs, and a Mad Max environment set War Riders as one of the hottest crypto games to wait. Alpha version is coming around Q1 of 2019, and the beta is due to debut in the spring of the same year.

War Riders managed to sell over 3,700 cars! There are also some holiday bundles for grab.

In the video, the game revealed some actual gameplay details with war cars and green Lambos equipped with deadly weapons, all packed with great graphics. Now you can stop wondering how War Riders will look like.

In addition to the gameplay teaser, Vlad Kartashov, CEO of Cartified gave more details around the game. BZN will be available to an exchange platform before or with the start of the Alpha release, and an algorithm will determine the in-game economy. It will spawn random caches across the Wastelands with BZN tokens. The more someone plays, the more likely it is to find those caches.

bzn benzene war riders Do you guys also smell that BZN? Get ready to start your engines as War Riders Gameplay Video & More Reveals are here.

The algorithm will determine the amount of BZN distributed each day to keep the economy stable.

Explain to me like i’m five: Caches will contain fewer tokens over time.

“Our Pre-Alpha Gameplay Teaser video is released to show the quality of the graphics and what to expect from the actual gameplay,” Cartified CEO Vlad Kartashov reported to CoinDesk. “We are still keeping most of the actual gameplay mechanics in secret (to prevent copycats).”

War Riders Gameplay

As we have already expected, in the trailer, we see vehicles in a post-apocalyptic world firing weapons at each other to steal the BZN loot. Players who steal the enemy must safely return to the base or, they will also get robbed and lose the loot. BZN won’t be transferred to your wallet unless you return to your base with it.

Benzene [BNZ] is an ERC 20 token, and it serves as the in-game economy. 

BZN has a finite supply and a unique “burning” mechanism enforced by a smart contract.

Missions in War Riders

The trailer shoes a mission screen where you can select up to three war cars and sent them for BZN hunt. There is a prediction meter that tells you how likely it is for your gang to successfully mine BZN.

So, telling by the video, expect from driving in the dangerous Wastelands, you can safely mine BZN tokens through missions.