War Riders Mine or Die, Your Next Favorite Blockchain Game

War Riders Mine or Die is not just another Crypto Game. It’s THE MMO 3D Blockchain game.

What’s the deal here?

War Riders place itself as the next generation, post-apocalyptic MMO Strategy Game in which you can blow up cars and mine BZN Tokens. With the benefits of the blockchain, the players will enjoy a peer to peer, decentralized marketplace for their needs. Users can trade their in-game assets using BZN, the only form of payments left in the Wastelands.

By playing the game, you will be able to accumulate Loot Crates and Virtual Goods in their way to BZN Waypoints, your next-door Gasoline Store.

In War Riders, players will be able to rob others on the move. Let’s say, for example, the enemy goes for BZN Hunt. You can follow him, steal all the goods and return safe, hopefully, to your garage.

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Criminals allowed. If there is no Government, right?

Using BZN, you can purchase gun upgrades, own as many garages as you like, and in advance, you can rent them to other players while trying to save themselves. Also, you can use BZN to upgrade your defenses by using suitable armor items, and final, to get some nitro boostsThat alone is a solid reason to organize a Mad Max dragster event.

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Spawning in War Riders is the moment where you find your self in the middle of nowhere, survival is your first instinct, and now the fun begins. What are you going to do to survive? Make your mama proud and form the biggest Criminal Organization in Wastelands History. Build it from the ground, get as many wheels as possible, and sell protection to newbies. The biggest your organization is, the better the revenue stream you will enjoy.

Car Building in War Riders

Build your car from nothing & customize it the way you like. The game will include special logos and messages to express the real you.

All other forms of money are gone, and Benzene is the only currency left to trade in this wasteland. Become the most powerful and wealthy army by expanding your garage locations, buying better weapons, and killing for influence. Offer protection to other players and earn ETH.

BZN in-game Token Powered by Ethereum

There are no BZN Tokens for sale, nor there will be. Players will mine Benzene [BNZ] by driving through waypoints, which is the simplest method to accumulate the tokens. Total supply is 100 Million tokens, which unlikely the billions of other games will reach higher prices if the project succeeds.

Currently, if you want to own a digital asset for WarRiders, you have to opt-in for the private sale and use ethereum.

Deflation is hot as hell.

Benzene’s deflation mechanism provides a strong advantage to the economy; as always, early adoption players who will actively play War Riders will benefit the most. That is because of the 30% of each transaction is burned.

Even though BNZ is an ethereum token, which has proven unstable for blockchain gaming, the team behind War Riders is developing a side chain solution which will run significantly faster than the ethereum network.

For the record, the side chain will be fully decentralized and distributed.

Interesting Facts about War Riders

Guns are upgradable and feature ammunition types, range, attack damage, and critical damage.

Under attack? Surrender or purchase a one time shield, not in the mood to fight? Nitro boost is your way to escape.

Garages can have dynamically adjusted prices, rent your free space to others.

Trading an item will not require to send a transaction to the network.

War Riders + WAX = Game on

War Riders recently announced a partnership with Worldwide Asset eXchange. Players will be allowed to trade in-game items on the OPSkins marketplace with US dollars, Euros, WAX Tokens, Bitcoin, ETH, and more.

Lambo in War Riders

And now, the conclusion.

War Riders is a must-play, at least that is my perspective for this game. The project is running on some new mechanisms and seems entertaining and addictive to play. I believe the game is a hybrid of Rocket League and World of Tanks. That’s good enough for me to can’t wait to see this in action.

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