Crazy Defense Heroes: 750,000 TOWER Tokens In June Reward Pool 

Crazy Defense Heroes players can earn free TOWER tokens

Crazy Defense Heroes players can earn free TOWER tokens from the upcoming June reward pool. The reward pool will have a total of 750,000 tokens which would be distributed among players who meet the eligibility criteria.

A minimum of 250,000 avatar Experience Points (XP) is required for anyone to be eligible to earn TOWER tokens from the reward pool. These XP points must be gained by the end of June.

Note that you will not earn any TOWER tokens if you fail to gain the required amount of XPs in June.

For instance, if you have 250,000+ XPs in the game, and these XPs are earned in the previous months before June, you will not be eligible to receive any TOWER tokens from the reward pool. 

You can play Crazy Defense Heroes to earn TOWER tokens by downloading the game from Google Play or AppStore.

The number of TOWER tokens each player receives as a reward at the end of the month will be based on the total number of eligible players for a share from the reward pool. 

This is the biggest reward pool by Crazy Defense heroes. Two play-to-earn rewards were announced in April and May this year, each worth 300,000.

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