Crazy Defense Heroes: 750,000 TOWER Tokens In June Reward Pool 

Crazy Defense Heroes players can earn free TOWER tokens

Crazy Defense Heroes players can earn free TOWER tokens from the upcoming June reward pool. The reward pool will have a total of 750,000 tokens which would be distributed among players who meet the eligibility criteria. A minimum of 250,000 avatar Experience Points (XP) is required for anyone to be eligible to earn TOWER tokens from the reward …

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Play to Earn $100,000: Berserk Season One Has Just Started

Berserk Season One Launch

Do you play for money? Then you are in the right place! Berserk Season one has just started with $100,000 in $PYR Rewards for the top 100 players based on ELO fights and those with the most wins.  Until today, 1,000 players have registered for Berserk’s Season One game which remains an under-the-radar game and increases your …

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