Dapper Labs to Create UFC Collectibles

The blockchain company Dapper Labs has announced a cooperation with the world-known Fighting group UFC to issue NFT Collectibles on the blockchain. While there is not much information available, we assume that well-known fighters like Conor McGregor and others will see themselves tokenized in the NFT markets.

This is another globally recognized deal by Dapper Labs coming to the Flow Blockchain after NBA Top Shot, Flow aims to be the go-to solution for decentralized applications with non-fungible tokens.

Dapper Labs is a well-funded company, known for Crypto Kitties, the first-ever blockchain game to introduce NFT Collectibles. In 2019, Flow received an 11$ Million investment from companies such as Warner Music, Animoca Brands, and others.

How does Flow Work?

flow blockchain ufc Dekaron M is a PC MMORPG that was first released in 2004 and published by Nexon. Now, the game is being rebranded as Dekaron G as they plan to bring blockchain features into the game. 
Dapper Labs to Create UFC Collectibles 28

Flow is a general-purpose blockchain, designed for ease of use by both developers and users. Gaming and Entertainment are expected to be the catalyst to drive users to Flow and understand the core principles of a blockchain.

Flow has a simple, yet effective 3 steps plan to further promote and develop the blockchain as we read in the official announcement.

  1. Team up with well-known brands to drive consumer excitement.
  2. User-Friendly registration method and low-fee payments.
  3. Bootstrap network effects and give motives to developers.

Games and entertainment are the best catalyst for helping consumers understand the value of new technology, especially crypto. Virtual worlds let consumers play with economic systems without taking undue financial risk — or learning new behaviors.

With five different modes to split the workload, Flow will welcome computation data from everyone including regular home computers. There will be rewards also for the Node operators from transaction fees.

The five nodes are the following

Consensus NodesGuaranteed transparency and security
Verification NodesVerifies the network transactions
Collection NodesCore node to provide scalability
Execution NodesExecuting transactions
Observation NodesObserving the network

Dapper Labs plan to launch Flow in 2020. There is a number of projects planning to develop on Flow including music, entertainment, gaming and others.


UFC is known all over the world, the majority of Martial Arts fan is watching UFC fights and there is an estimate of 314 million fans. Moreover, UFC is the fastest growing sport of the decade!

UFC on Flow is expected to reach millions of fans. With NFTs to win by playing and being able to trade them afterward, we believe it will be the main source for onboarding new users, just like the NBA Top Shot.

If you are a developer, sign up for Alpha here.