Dark Country Launches Cultists Sale Prior Early Alpha

Dark Country Launches Cultists Sale Prior Early Alpha

The American gothic Trading Card Game Dark Country announced the Cultists Card presale for the 18th of November at 1:00 PM UTC and a sale for the 19th of November at 3:00 PM UTC. These sales and unpacking events will happen right before the Early Tickets Alpha version launch of the game on the 20th of November. 

About Cultists Cards

The sale includes a set of 120 cards where 20 of them are “Cultists” cards, and the other 100 are standard cards. These cards will also have a unique border.

Cultists are a specific type of creatures that are weak separate but strong when combined. As a result, the more cultists you have, the stronger all the others become. Also, they are low at mana cost so building a Deck based on them might give you an early game advantage.

Cultists rarity consists of common cards, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythical.

Participants in these sales can also claim bonuses by sending packs for Batch Unpack with 1 free pack for every 20 purchased, catching the bonus card, and a bonus for collecting them all.

The Alpha 2.0 will be available for everyone that have at least one early access ticket. These tickets are available on the market.

The previous DC sale raised $60K in a matter of few hours.

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