Decentraland Calls Its Community to Show Its Amazing Emotes

Decentraland Calls Its Community to Show Its Amazing Emotes

If you’re active in Decentraland, you already know what Emotes are. You may often see them doing the Hammer dance at concerts or reacting with the Head Explode as they see a new wearable. 

In Decentraland, there are 19 basic Emotes that are available for free to anyone. Things are about change as anyone can now create and submit their own Emotes in Decentraland.

Previously, you could make wearable, but now it is time to create Emotes and sell them as NFTs in the Decentraland Marketplace. 

If you want to publish your Emote to the marketplace, the process is the same as publishing wearables. You first have to pay a publishing fee and wait for the committee to approve your item to be listed. Emotes will have different level of rarities.

For the first time, we saw Emotes appear at this year’s Metaverse Fashion Week showing off glamorous poses in the form of hidden statues in the virtual world. Additionally, a few celebrities such as Thalia airdropped some of her signature moves as Emote NFTs. 

Now, everyone will be able to show off their skills as they create Emotes and showcase them in Decentraland. Decentaland is about to get interesting as the dance battles are going to the next level with this one.

Metaverse Music Festival

As Emotes and their dance moves get hotter and better, we are eagerly waiting for the Metaverse Music Festival that’s going to happen in mid-November. 

For creators, Decentraland has planned something big. A few weeks before the big event takes place, they will held a dance moves Emotes contest. So, stop waiting and get creative with your Emotes creation and dance moving skills as you don’t want to miss out this one.