Decentralized Gaming Platform QWAN Launches Its Native Token on Ethereum 

Decentralized Gaming Platform QWAN Launches Its Native Token on Ethereum
  • The decentralized gaming platform, QWAN launches its native token on the Ethereum blockchain. 
  • The launch is supported by top Web 3 leaders, including Horizen Labs Ventures. 
  • Banger, a gaming platform and marketplace, is the first to onboard the token. 

The QWAN, a decentralized gaming platform enabling gamers around the world to connect, create value, and earn, announced the launch of its native token $QWAN on May 31st. The token launch will happen on the Ethereum blockchain giving gamers around the world access to the QWAN platform and an opportunity to participate in its growing ecosystem. 

The launch is supported by Horizen Labs Ventures (HLV), one of the leading Web 3 gaming advisory and solutions providers, having assisted several projects such as Yuga Labs, The Sandbox, Jam City, Dust Labs, Animoca Brands, etc., rise to their current valuations.  

“We are excited about $QWAN and its potential to positively impact and shape game economies, powering new utilities and a community-led governance that can appeal to existing Web2 gamers,” said Rohan Handa, Founding Member and SVP of Business Development at HLV. 

Notwithstanding, the launch also welcomes the Banger, a decentralized gaming platform, and marketplace, as the first platform to integrate the $QWAN token. This partnership aims to boost the adoption of Web 3 gaming across the globe and push QWAN towards “onboarding the next wave of gamers”, Handa added. 

“With the gaming token being adopted and integrated by the Banger platform, we believe QWAN can onboard the next wave of users to Web3 and push the gaming industry forward.”

Shaping the global Web 3 gaming industry

The launch of the $QWAN token aims to shape the current state of gaming once it launches on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is built to connect gaming platforms and an expanding ecosystem of related platforms, hubs, services, and communities. By leveraging its decentralized community-led governance, the token will allow several decentralized gaming worlds and players across the globe to connect in a unified economy. 

Additionally, other third-party platforms, such as gaming hubs and communities, can also integrate the token as an open and permissionless digital token, increasing the marketability for both the token and the game. 

$QWAN is a utility and governance token that creates a unique gaming ecosystem, empowering gamers as an incentive for playing the game or any other in-game experiences such as completing a level. Through incentives and opportunities for ownership, $QWAN encourages gamers to discover rewards across ecosystems and involvement in community governance processes as part of their organic experience within their day-to-day gaming. 

In addition, the token offers users opportunities to earn, trade, and own the digital asset. It also offers holders a governance vote, giving them a say on the developments of the gaming ecosystem. This opens up a more collusive community whereby the community can have their voices heard, unlike the Web 2 gaming structure that follows a top-down approach. 

Banger joins the $QWAN universe

Alongside the launch of $QWAN, the gaming development team also confirmed Banger, a decentralized gaming platform, and marketplace, will be the first game to integrate its native token. The open and permissionless nature of $QWAN allows any decentralized gaming platform to integrate it. 

According to the QWAN team statement, “many more players in the gaming industry can be expected to onboard the ecosystem and announce the integration of the token”. 

“We are thrilled for Banger to integrate The QWAN as its key gaming token and offer our gamers the opportunity to enhance their gaming experience,” said Borja Villalobos, Banger CEO. “With The QWAN, our offering becomes very unique in the market and allows us to provide gamers with an experience that can’t be found elsewhere.” 

Finally, the $QWAN token is expected to be listed on several exchanges following its launch, including MEXC, AscendEX, or BTSE, amongst others, at a listing price of $0.15