Custom Asset Packs in Decentraland

Decntraland Assets

Custom Asset Packs are now available and players can create their own unique 3D Decentraland Assets. All you need is your imagination and design skills in order to bring your creations to the Decentraland world.

How to Build Your Assets.

You can use any 3D art software in order to build your creations and then export them into a folder. After your art is ready, create a new Asset Pack where you can import it. Make sure to save your assets on your Decentraland Cloud account, so they will be safely available from any device.

Set a name, an icon, a category, and tags for each asset separate in order to access them easily on the sidebar and review them to ensure they work within DCL’s scene limits.

Decntraland Assets

Create Your Avatar & Gain Early Acces to Decentraland.

Your Avatar is your passport to Decentraland. Think of it as your ticket to the virtual world that you can use to manage your digital identity as well as your virtual belongings.

By creating your Avatar you can customize it, while also, give it your own unique name and as a result, people will recognize you across all of Decentraland.

Get your name before all the good ones are taken.

Create Your Avatar

Claim a Special NFT.

The first 4,000 users that will create their name will get in addition an exclusive NFT wearable built by MyCryptoHeroes.

About Decentraland.

Decentraland is a blockchain gaming platform on a virtual world owned by its users. Players can build, explore play games, socialize and above all sell their creations for a fair profit. Mana Token is the currency used for the Decentralands economy.

Furthermore, Decentralands features a decentralized Marketplace where players can buy, sell, and manage parcels of LAND and Decntraland Assets.

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