Ubisoft Quartz NFT Platform Launches With Free Cosmetic Assets For Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ubisoft Quartz platform

After flirting with NFTs and play-to-earn with Rabbid Tokens and OneShot League , Ubisoft dubbed yesterday its first NFT platform called “Ubisoft Quartz” using Tezos blockchain featuring in-game assets from its title Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Users who register on Ubisoft Quartz and reach level 5 on Ghost Recon Breakpoint become eligible for three cosmetic NFTs. Remember that Ghost Recon Breakpoint costs 15$ on Ubisoft Store and must play using Ubisoft Connect for PC.

According to a Ubisoft website blog post, the NFTs are called “Digits.” They are “the first NFTs playable in AAA Games and running on energy-efficient technology.”

The “Digits” can be in-game assets such as weapons, vehicles, and pretty much everything we are familiar with from blockchain games. All the releases will take place in limited quantities and editions. For now, the Quartz platform is only available to a handful of countries, including the US, Canada, Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Brazil, and Australia.

Ubisoft chose Tezos blockchain due to its energy efficiency through the proof-of-stake protocol. For example, 30 seconds of video streaming is equivalent to one transaction on Tezos, while in Bitcoin equals one year of streaming. Although the statement is correct, you can’t compare proof-of-stake blockchain with Bitcoin.

The French company is one of the largest game studios and publishers in the gaming industry, ranked 23 in the industry with a $5.85 billion valuation.

Ubisoft has been closely watching the NFT industry for the past years. It’s the main partner of the Blockchain Game Alliance and a block producer of Ultra.

Through the Entrepreneurs lab initiative, Ubisoft has provided support and acquired knowledge from multiple blockchain gaming companies selected through the years.

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Ubisoft Quarts platform, comparing Tezos to Bitcoin blockchain. Image Source: Ubisoft.