DeepMine Launches Staking Shelter

DeepMine Staking Shelter is going live today and NFT owners can start the staking process. Players will get DMP tokens through staking, a great opportunity for passive income until the game launches!

DeepMine is an NFT-Based metaverse game that aims to bring modern economics and strategy gameplay along with various DeFi Mechanisms on WAX Blockchain.

In October, the whitelisted Genesis Sale took place and sold out in a few hours. Users who were lucky enough to purchase packs from the Genesis sale were rewarded with NFTs that can be used in the Staking Shelter now and in the game once it launches.

By staking your NFTs in the Staking Shelter, you will get rewarded with DMP, the DeepMine governance token. It will also be possible to exchange the received DMP for the game assets through auctions.

DMP Token Overview

DMP Token will be used to reward for staking DeepMine NFTs and purchasing Areas and other NFTs during the auctions mentioned above.

How DMP can be used in-game

  • Staked in the Staking Shelter (Portal) for rewards
  • Burn DME to earn DMP in the Portal
  • Craft NFTs
  • Upgrade Areas by rarity
  • Governance
  • Fund political parties and issue Senator Passports
  • Serves as a source of DAO power

What is DeepMine?

Imagine a world where the stars have disappeared, and humanity has fallen into a dark planet named Eleazar. For society to survive, they’ve set up mines across the planet Eleazer to reach the planet’s core, where its energy is essential to prevail.

The game, of course, is based on mining, and Mines are central game Nodes. You can earn DME (DeemMine Energy), the in-game token using the mining equipment in your land, or others.

DME comes from the planet’s core, and corporations with fellow players are needed to succeed throughout the game. Infinite energy Portals, Mines, Equipment, and NFTs are a thing in DeepMines Metaverse Game.

Game roles in the game are:

  • Citizen (Any player who has a DeepMine NFT in-game can be a citizen)
  • Landlord (A citizen who owns areas containing mines)
  • Mine Owner (A citizen who owns a mine)
  • Contractor (A citizen possessing mining equipment)
  • Factory Owner (A Factory Owner who produces equipment for mines and contractors)
  • Senator (1 Among the 101 top citizens for governance development)

You can see all the details here

Deep Mine specialties

A vital gameplay feature is the specialty a player choose. It is essential to choose the correct one as these “professions” allow players to mint specific NFTs that other players require to progress further in the game. Currently, the are three specialties.

  • Geologist: Become a Geologist and learn the art of opening new mine slots on Areas owned by you, or others.
  • ‌Engineer: Engineers are able to improve mining equipment and increase contractors’ efficiency for a short time.
  • Scientist: Become a scientist to improve mines and the efficiency of factories for a short time.

Visit the DeepMine Staking Shelter and stake your NFTs.

Disclosure: The team holds a number of NFTs in DeepMine game.