DeFi Warrior Partners With WWG to Expand Its Marketing Strategy

DeFi Warrior Partnership

A Crypto-Galactic Game Like No Other

DeFi Warrior announces yet another partnership that will certainly increase global awareness of the game, improve their reach in different countries around the world, and boost the growth of their expanding community. 

The development team behind DeFi Warrior has officially sealed the deal and partnered up with Walsh Wealth Group. Composed of over 4,000 members from all walks of life and every corner of the globe, WWG will be in charge of building an innovative marketing strategy for DeFi Warrior that will increase engagement in the burgeoning blockchain gaming community.

image 28 A Crypto-Galactic Game Like No Other
DeFi Warrior Partners With WWG to Expand Its Marketing Strategy 30

Built on Binance Smart Chain and featuring a captivating, intergalactic storyline where every blockchain is a planet and every cryptocurency is a warrior, DeFi Warrior aims to become one of the most successful decentralized finance game with profitable play-to-earn features thanks to its native token and highly-coveted NFTs. 

As of date, this project has raised more than $2.3 million in development funds from investors who see massive potential that can exponentially grow bigger through the years with more support from partners, stakeholders, and the whole gaming community.

Another Alliance in the Books

image 27 A Crypto-Galactic Game Like No Other
DeFi Warrior Backers image. Source: DeFi Warrior.

With the amount of generous funding and massive support that they get from investors and players alike, the people over at DeFi Warrior are working double time by forging partnerships and their alliance with Walsh Wealth Group is not the first one in the bag. Earlier this week, they announced three new partners that will help DeFi Warrior in different areas. 

TAG Ventures is a financial management group working to increase capital and market share while GTA Ventures is a project accelerator focused on community building. Last but not the least, Titans Ventures is an influential investment fund in charge of promotional activities and bringing the project to the local market. All three groups are based in Vietnam with footholds and influence in neighboring countries therefore we can expect a significant spike in membership and community growth within Southeast Asia in the foreseeable future. 

With the welcome addition of Walsh Wealth Group into the mix, DeFi Warrior’s stalwart supporting cast is all set and ready to fulfill their respective roles. Furthermore, the game is showing great promise and all the telltale signs that it will break records and set new all-time highs soon enough. With the native token FIWA gaining more stability and the robust NFT marketplace incorporated within the game’s ecosystem itself, DeFi Warrior finally has a formidable army of partners behind its back and nothing can stop it now from reaching the end of the roadmap.