Defi Warrior Raised $2.3 Million Funding For Its First Crypto Galaxy Game

DeFi Warrior

Defi Warrior is a play-to-earn blockchain game that combines decentralized finance and NFTs, allowing players to earn crypto while playing the game. The game received funding of $2.3 million from notable investors like Signum Capital, Hyperchain Capital, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, and many others.

This will help the Defi Warrior creators to develop the game and kick start the project towards becoming an established project in game-fi space.

In Defi Warrior, each blockchain is a planet in the in-game world, and each cryptocurrency is a warrior which is basically a game character minted as an NFT. The game allows warriors to earn rewards by building mining factories and fighting against bosses or opponents.

Since a warrior is a cryptocurrency, its strength in the game depends on the price movements in the real cryptocurrency market. For instance, a BTC warrior NFT’s strength can increase or decrease depending on whether the price of BTC in the real market goes up or down.

Players can use their warriors for various activities in the game such as farming, mining, player vs player battles, and championships. Moreover, warriors can enter different gameplays as the game aims to create a blockchain ecosystem that allows cross-game play.

Founding Team

Mark Dao is the founder of Defi Warrior. He has more than 15 years of experience in tech and game development and is also the founder and CEO at BAP Group having 5 years of experience in blockchain, software, and games.

BAP has over 400 employees with 5 offices operating in Japan and Vietnam. Mark Dao is currently leading a subsidiary of BAP known as Smart Game Studio that is working on building the play-to-earn blockchain game Defi Warrior. 

Smart Game Studio has worked with some well-known publishers like Supersonic, Kwalee, Coda, Jambox, ZPLAY, Advenworks, and Homa in the past.

Some of the achievements of Smart Game Studio include:

  • Top 2 US Markets with Beat Master!
  • Top 100 US Market with Screw Factory
  • Number 1 game featured on Google Play Store – Metal Heroes