Delphi Digital Purchases Five Axies For $ 162,000. 

Axie Infinity delphi

Delphi Digital is a cryptocurrency consulting and research company. They have recently purchased five Ethereum NFTs that cost them over $162,000, from a game based on blockchain technology named Axie Infinity. This purchase was marked as one of the most expensive purchases made using NFTs.  

Axie Infinity is an online game that consists of pets. The players can virtually battle and breed these fantasy characters available in the game, who are called “Axies”. 

Each Axie present in the game has unique features and a genetic markup that changes the in-game value. Delphi Digital viewed Axies as a profitable business and hence, they made the choice of buying digital creatures for thousands of dollars. They expect that when the popularity of this game will increase, the value of the NFTs purchased will also rise, because they are rare and the utility is considerable. 

The firm further says that the investors can consider purchasing NFTs to form a part of their crypto portfolio. There are 3-4 mystics that are the scariest and rarest Axies in the game. In future, it is expected that these Axies will only transform into legendaries. The Axies can also be used for the generation of a yield from breeding and battling then. 

When it comes to scarcity, the Quad Mystic is a type of an Axie which was purchased by Delphi. It is one of the three Axies ever made, out of the total 150,000 Axies that are to be minted in the game. 

Delphi hopes that people will buy these NFTs in future and they might witness a legendary purchase soon. The market of NFTs has been emerging in the crypto space for the last few weeks. However, the digital Axies are not the only ones who are going through the hammer of NFT and attracting a good amount of money. There are numerous such game characters available in the market that can be bought using NFT.

Axie Infinity is more than a game for many countries, with a growth rate of over 5% per day, Axie counts 350,000 active daily player making it the most popular and profitable blockchain game.