Demole: Christmas Farm Staking Pool with 3x APR.

Demole Christmas Staking

Christmas is coming to town, and the Once-in-a-lifetime Christmas Farming Staking Pool is coming on

Win this time for x3 APR than usual, only from Dec 24 to Jan 5 at TRAINING GROUND.

💸Where to buy $DMLG: on, on Pancakeswap

To ensure Demole has a sustainable financial system, we divide tokens into four parts as follows: Burning, Staking, In-game Rewards, and Team Tokens: In addition to the Burning feature, Demole also has a Staking Pool for players to stake for monsters and receive tokens passively. In addition, some tokens will be allocated as a development fund for new game features.

Furthermore, all players have a fair chance to stake rare NFTs from the Monster Nest aka Demole’s Staking Pool. With Demole Staking Pool, you can earn REAL MONEY only by staking NFTs.

About Demole: Demole is one of the first 3D blockchain Metaverse which we intend to build a social Metaverse for Gaming-as-a-platform which features: 

  • Space Portal: Where players around the world can interact with each other (talk, team up, trade, etc.). Those who possess rarer characters will appear in a more special way.
  • Demole RPG: Where players can form a team with 5 characters to conquer the monster universe. Rarer character cards have better stats, skills, and eye-catching looks, giving them more advantages to win in PvP and PvE battles.
  • MOBA: This is where players can team up and fight. Rarer characters will have better form in the game. With each player controlling only one character, Demole MOBA allows players to team up, fight, and have fun together.