EDM Artist Agoria Revolutionizes the NFT Music Industry with Bolero

EDM Artist Agoria Revolutionizes the NFT Music Industry with Bolero

Agoria, a French EDM record producer, composer, and DJ, is turning the traditional music distribution model on its head. In a tribute to his followers, known as the “Agorians,” he is offering them a shared stake in the royalties from his forthcoming song.

The Sapiens record label founder has been active in the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) art scene for two years, and his latest venture blends music, NFTs, and fan empowerment. The upcoming song, already well-received in Ibiza, will be officially launched at the NFC Lisbon event today, June 7.

Collaboration with Blockchain Platform Bolero

Agoria joined forces with Bolero, a blockchain music platform, to launch this ambitious project. Bolero’s recently introduced feature, “Song Shares“, will allow fans owning an NFT-based song to earn rewards. This innovation has seen Bolero’s growth skyrocket since its launch in late January, according to CEO William Bailey.

An overwhelming 90% of the Agorians Song Shares are allocated to the most avid collectors of Agoria’s NFT artwork on Ethereum and Tezos platforms. The remaining 10% is available for purchase at $25 per Song Share to Bolero users.

A New Era for Music Distribution

To access their royalty shares, individuals need to register an account on Bolero and link their digital wallets. This move towards transparency and redistribution is set to revolutionize the music industry by ensuring artists and creators receive fairer, direct compensation, Bailey highlighted.

Agoria’s Journey in NFT and Art Fusion

Agoria ventured into the NFT landscape in 2021, minting artworks on platforms such as Foundation and expanding to platforms like OBJKT and SuperRare. He has built a loyal community of collectors attracted to his unique artistic style.

Furthermore, Agoria collaborates with scientists, including biologist Alice Meunier, to investigate the intersection of music and neuroscience. This blend of disciplines seeks to explore the deep ties between sound and the human brain. He also utilizes NFTs to distribute scientific findings to a larger audience and experiments with artificial intelligence in creating biological generative art.

The French DJ has earned substantial recognition for his innovative work, cementing his status in the NFT community. “People have surpassed my expectations, introducing me to a broad network including curators, museums, galleries, and various platforms,Agoria shared, emphasizing the sense of community in his journey.