Ember Sword Raises $700K in Pre-Seed Funding led by Play Ventures

Ember Sword MMORPG Game Raises 700k in funding round
  • Bright Star Studios announces US$700K pre-seed investment led by Play Ventures with participation from Galaxy Interactive. 
  • Allan Kirkeby, former Unity Studios CEO, joins as Senior Producer.
  • Andreas Thorstensson, Popdog, and SK Gaming co-founder, joins as an advisor.
  • Their flagship MMORPG game ‘Ember Sword’ is now open for pre-registration.

Bright Star Studios, the company behind the anticipated Blockchain MMORPG Ember Sword, announced a US$700K pre-seed investment led by Play Ventures. Galaxy Interactive also joined the investment via the Galaxy EOS VC Fund. Bright Star Studios stated in the official press release that the investment will expand the development team and accelerate the launch of Ember Sword, which is expected to hit the market in 2022.

The Ember Sword team consists of experienced entrepreneurs with a combined 70+ years of experience in the sector. Recently, Allan Kirkeby, ex Unity Studios CEO joined the board as Senior Producer and Andreas Throstensson, co-founder of Popdog and SK Gaming as an advisor.

Ember Sword stands out in the Blockchain Gaming space as it looks like the game will be super polished by the time of launch. In development for around two years, it will take another two to deliver, and that’s normal, considering it’s an MMORPG. After all, these type of games takes years to develop.

“We’ve really thought about the player experience at every step. MMORPGs have traditionally been slow to get into, but our zero-friction play means you jump straight into the action without lengthy downloads and installs. Our business model is also free of loot boxes and pay-to-win practices, which creates a fair and competitive environment for our players,” said Bright Star CEO Mark Laursen.

Ember Sword will be a sandbox-like world with player’s autonomy in classes. Gamers won’t have to pick a specific class or role, giving them the ability to create “hybrid” characters. The world is going to be owned by the players who will also develop landmarks, stores, and pretty much everything on them.

MMORPG on the blockchain is a big deal as this genre of games seems to be the perfect fit for blockchain technology. The free-market approach, along with in-game cosmetic monetization, creates a play to earn model, staying away from the typical pay to win we encounter in most MMORPGs.

Players can become crafters and monetize their creations in the free market, defeat bosses and other players while exploring a community-owned universe. As a classic Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game, there will be endless opportunities for everyone.

All the items are going to be tokenized, so they can be freely tradable in decentralized marketplaces, eliminating fraud and shady markets that players are forced to join sometimes in other games.

The game will become available for PC and browsers in 2022. You can pre-register now and save your spot for the release date.

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