Etheremon explores migration to Zilliqa

Etheremon explores migration to Zilliqa

In the past, I have mentioned that Ethereum, in its current state, is not suitable for gaming due to network fees. The last days we have seen progress been made by Enjin with their recent ERC1155 Token for gaming projects. Light at the end of the tunnel is visible, but we are far away, and this is the main reason that Etheremon explores migration to Zilliqa.

Etheremon, the second most used Dapp in Ethereum network at the time writing this article, has expressed plans to move into Zilliqa Blockchain Network.

Etheremon is all about collectible animals contributed by the community. Any user can create a theme and use it in the network. The user can capture monsters and battle with each other while feeding and evolving your monsters.

With an official blog post, they stated that high gas prices had been a really big issue for the game. As a result, transactions fee skyrocket up to 100x as temporary solution battles run now off-chain. The game still stores assets in the ethereum network for the moment, and Rewards/XP will be synced from time to time.

Solution provided by Zilliqa

Zilliqa, a really fast blockchain network focusing on sharding, seems to be the chosen one for Etheremon. A couple of months ago, Zilliqa successfully released the test-net. Currently, it is one of the faster, if not the fastest, blockchain projects capable of processing more than 2,828 Transactions per second. Visa, on the other hand, can handle 8,000 transactions per second. The higher throughput and low gas of Zilliqa’s sharding solution offer players better experience than currently, the ethereum can provide.

Etheremon & Zilliqa have signed a momentum of understanding, but still, nothing is confirmed. Probably Ethermon will go as a sidechain in Zilliqa’s network for its transaction and maintain the game in the Ethereum platform if they do this, we might see the first hybrid game in blockchain history.