Farsite Alpha Is Live – Features & Roadmap Updates

Farsite Alpha Is Live - Features & Roadmap Updates

Farsite has rolled out Alpha today that marking the beginning of a new development phase. 

Now that the Alpha release is here, there will be a new set of awesome features that are set to be expanded during Phase VI. The game will have new mechanics such as:

  • New Stations (where players can park ships and items)
  • FTL Routes Planner
  • Market Update (enabling trading ships, modules, Sectors, and Blueprints)

After Phase after this one will come with additional features that’ll give players access to:

  • FTL Autopilot
  • Dynamic Fuel Formula
  • Contracts and Missions
  • Complete Items Catalogue 
  • Academy Ships Appointment

In addition to that, Farsite has also updated the Roadmap:


Phase I

Q1 2021

  • Game Design Document -Guidelines
  • Cinematic Trailer

Phase II

Q2 2021

  • Hangar and Modules Fitting
  • First Edition Crates Pre-Sale
  • Airdrops Campaign
  • Ships Demo Station

Phase III

Q3 2021

  • Interactive Star Map
  • Sector Details and Pricing
  • Burn cNFT to release Credits

Phase IV 

Q4 2021 – Q2 2022

  • Pre-Alpha
  • Sector Role Selection
  • Crates Pre-Order
  • Internal Resources Marketplace
  • Gates Opened for FTL Flights

Phase V – Alpha

Q3 – 2022

Farsite Alpha

  • Asteroids Resources Mining
  • Ships and Modules production
  • New roles for Sectors
  • FTL flights burn Credits
  • Real cargo capacity – limited Storage on Stations and Sectors
  • Interstellar flight dashboard

Alpha Crates Sale

Airdrop Campaign Ends

New Sectors Acquisition

Components on the Market

Academies recruit Pilots

Phase VI


  • Starmap V2 – FTL routes planner
  • New Stations park Ships trade, and store goods
  • Market V2 – trade Ships, Modules, Blueprints, and Sectors

Phase VII 


  • On-boarding tutorial for new players
  • Assign Pilots to Academy’s Ships
  • Contracts and Missions to earn Credits
  • New website with interactive items catalog
  • Credits bridge, FAR Token listing
  • Autopilot

Phase VIII – Beta


  • Dynamic Fuel pricing
  • Fights
  • Sector facilities rent
  • Base construction
  • Ships landing

Phase IX


  • Planets Exploration
  • Fleets
  • New Constellations

Further Development

  • Building Stations
  • Alliances
  • Star Management
  • Stickers
  • Governance 

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