Farsite Introduces Star Map Update

Farsite Star Map Update

Heads up, blockchain game enthusiasts! SUPERNOVAE team, creators of MegaCryptoPolis, implementing their broad expertise from the development of the famous decentralized city builder game, publishes the Star Map update, their first major release on the new project – the space-themed DeFi powered MMO strategy called Farsite as they moved into Phase 3 of its development …

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Tournaments, Giveaways & Play-to-Earn Opportunities

play-to-earn opportunities

Hello, blockchain gamers! Today I’m sharing with you some play-to-earn opportunities and free NFT assets you can claim during this period. Less is more, so let’s skip introductions. GALA May Mayhem Tournament with over 1$ Million in prizes. Although Town Star is a game that rewards the top 100 players in every tournament, this time, …

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Farsite : Play To Earn DeFi MMORTS Game

Farsite Space MMORTS game

In Brief: Farsite is an upcoming MMORTS game, with DeFi elements and NFTs. The game is under development for years by the team of the successful game, MCP. Uses cNFT model, an NFT infused with ERC-20 tokens used as collateral. This time we are taking a look at Farsite, an upcoming space-themed, MMORTS sandbox with …

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