Farsite Sector Acquisition is Live

Farsite Sector Acquisition

Farsite‘s Sector Acquisition is live!

Players have already started piling up Credits to buy at least one sector on advantageous spots in-game.

The game also consults the players who don’t have enough credits to destroy their vessels to receive the collateral and spend them to acquire a sector.

Farsite has also released some information about the sectors that the players can acquire. Such as the size of the planets, the sectors specialization, and the credits they cost. 

Some specializations of the sectors are Basic Mining Facility where players there can extract ores and minerals. Also, a good profession is Basic Refinery, where you can turn ores that you mined for the previous specialization and turn them into materials.

Farsite Star map update
Planet in Farsite. Source: Farsite

Eight planets differing in price and size have available sectors for sale, some cheap and some very expensive. Buying sectors in the same planers is also a good strategy, while goods transfer is convenient if the sectors are close to each other.

You can find all the information about the sectors here.

The marathon has just begun, and it is time to secure your sectors now that it’s still early.

Visit Farsite website and start your journey.