Gala Game’s Legacy Game Ownership Info: Deeds, Keys, and Rewards

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Gala Game's Legacy Game Ownership Info: Deeds, Keys, and Rewards

22Cans is gearing up to unveil “Legacy,” an inventive business simulation game powered by GalaChain, scheduled to launch on October 26th. The game, promising a one-of-a-kind experience, is characterized by integrating strategy, design, and the concept of actual ownership. Central to this gameplay are the Land Deeds and Legacy Keys, which revolutionize how rewards and gameplay intermingle.

Ownership in Legacy: Deeds, Guilds and Keys

Holding a Deed is not just about possessing a virtual territory in Legacy. It signifies a commitment to operating a successful business within the game. Deed owners are set to experience a managerial role and will benefit from shared rewards from their team members.

Guilds play a pivotal role in Legacy. Deed owners, the backbone of their respective Guilds, can set team rules and determine reward distributions between Deed and Key Holders. Those without a Deed can enter the game by selecting a Legacy Key affiliated with any available Guild. Interestingly, while Guild owners have direct access thanks to their Deeds, other players can select a Legacy Key following the conditions set by the Deed owner. The key takeaway: every player is part of a team guided by a Deed owner.

Legacy Keys hold a special position. For players without Deeds, these keys provide game access. The number of available keys depends on the Deed’s rarity. Moreover, an impending update will enable players to buy more Legacy Keys, allowing Guilds to expand and enhance rewards.

Gala Game's Legacy Game Ownership Info: Deeds, Keys, and Rewards
Gala Game's Legacy Game Ownership Info: Deeds, Keys, and Rewards 30

Deed rarities and their respective Legacy Key counts are as follows:

  • Startup Deed: 0-1 Key
  • Enterprise Deed: 1-3 Keys
  • Firm Deed: 3-10 Keys
  • Corporation Deed: 10-40 Keys
  • Conglomerate Deed: 25-100 Keys
  • Heart of London: 100-500 Keys

Exclusive Privileges for Deed Owners

Deed owners are in for an early treat. They’ll gain early access on October 24th, two days before the game’s official release, enabling them to set up their Guilds. Connecting their Deeds to GalaChain will also be activated on this date. This ensures players can seamlessly join Guilds post-launch. Owning a Legacy Deed is not just symbolic; it provides tangible benefits, including exclusive rewards and real ownership, a cornerstone of web3 gaming technology.

Gala Game's Legacy Game Ownership Info: Deeds, Keys, and Rewards
Gala Game's Legacy Game Ownership Info: Deeds, Keys, and Rewards 31

The introduction of Deeds and Keys sets Legacy apart. Players can truly own parts of the game or form alliances to capitalize on others’ assets. The game’s unique nature, a confluence of strategy, collaboration, and rewards, is set to expand as more players join, paving the way for additional land ownership opportunities and increased rewards.

Legacy: Not Just a Game, but a Statement

Legacy isn’t merely a gaming platform. Players are not just participants but stakeholders, wielding power and prestige in a dynamic gaming world. With the October 26th launch on the horizon, the gaming community awaits an unparalleled experience. Join their Discord here!