Gala Music Partners with David Bowie to Release Exclusive “Let’s Dance” NFTs

Gala Music Partners with David Bowie to Release Exclusive

Gala Music is set to astound music enthusiasts with an unprecedented and distinctive version of David Bowie’s classic hit, “Let’s Dance,” which will be exclusively available on their music streaming platform. For a limited time, listeners can purchase this unparalleled track through a “pay what you wish” pricing scheme, enabling them to decide the price they’re willing to pay.

On April 14th, 2023, marking the 40th anniversary of the legendary “Let’s Dance,” Gala Music will unleash a never-before-heard version that has been produced by none other than Larry Dvoskin. This song remains a prominent feature on radio stations worldwide, and its appeal remains evergreen. Additionally, Gala Music will release 3,004¬†NFTs¬†featuring Bowie-inspired artwork.

The “pay what you wish” system is an innovative approach that empowers fans to support their favorite artists by deciding the price they wish to pay. However, it’s worth noting that all proceeds from this release will be donated to Music Cares. This non-profit organization is committed to offering health and human services to musicians, who often lack insurance or access to other support. Music Cares covers various areas such as mental health, addiction recovery, health services, legal assistance, and a safety net during challenging times.

Let’s Dance by David Bowie

This release is an enormous milestone for Gala Music, featuring tracks from renowned artists such as Kings of Leon and Death Row Records. However, David Bowie is, without a doubt, their most significant addition. With the open pricing system, this exclusive track will attract new users to the Gala Music platform.

To partake in this special offer, you will need a Gala Music account and probably some ETH in your Gala Wallet for transaction fees. The sale will begin on April 14th and will last for a short 40 hours. So take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to experience David Bowie’s timeless classic in a never-before-heard rendition.