Galaxis Joins Chainlink BUILD Program in Order to Accelerate NFT Toolkit Adoption

Galaxis Joins Chainlink BUILD Program in Order to Accelerate NFT Toolkit Adoption

Galaxis, previously known as Ether Cards, announced that it will officially join the Chainlink BUILD Program. Through this announcement and collaboration, Galaxis aims to accelerate the development and adoption of its Web3 community-building framework through the help of the BUILD program.

The Galaxis NFT Toolkit is a no-code, out-of-the-box modular suite of tools for creating decentralized communities. The team of Galaxis also releases NFT collections, with its most notable ones being for celebrities like Mike Tyson, LaMelo Ball, and Steve Aoki.

This partnership will benefit both firms as, in return, Galaxis will provide network fees and other benefits to the Chainlink ecosystem.

The Chainlink BUILD Program lets projects ultimately tap into the “Chainlink Effect.” This effect accelerates their adoption the more they utilize key oracle services and engage with the Chainlink community.

On the other side, Chainlink Labs will provide Galaxis with help and support on their projects that need help connecting to high-quality, real-world data or tamper-proof randomness. The technical and community support from Chainlink will help Galaxis achieve increased awareness of NFT adoption, breaking down barriers to using NFTs.

“We’re excited to join Chainlink BUILD, which will help us to underpin our NFT launch platform with the most reliable, secure, and high-performance services available in Web3. We’re incredibly impressed by the level of technical support Chainlink is able to offer and look forward to improving our platform further by natively integrating core Chainlink infrastructure. Ultimately, collaborating with the Chainlink ecosystem helps us achieve our goal of transforming the fan and creator experience.”

Andras Kristof, Founder and CEO of Galaxis

Additionally, as part of the deal, Galaxis will provide economic incentives to service providers in the Chainlink ecosystem. By that, Galaxis will include a 4% allocation of the Galaxis token supply to pay Chainlink service providers, including Chainlink stakers, over time.