R-Planet Overview: Stake Your Unused NFTs & Earn

R-Planet Overview: Stake Your Unused NFTs & Earn

R-Planet brings together DeFi and NFTs in the form of a play-to-earn game where you can create your own NFTs by combining different in-game materials or bring unused NFTs from other gaming platforms to earn money or collect rare items. 

The game allows you to earn a passive income on your WAX NFTs by staking them. Your earning increases with more NFTs staked and their level of rarity. You can also auction your NFTs, which means other players will be able to pay you for buying your NFTs in the Aether token, the native currency of the R-Planet game. 


Captain Pig and other animals are leaving Earth! Because they think the humans don’t like them much, they must find a better place to live and prosper. And what better place to stay than Mars? 

This exciting journey to Mars comes with significant challenges too. The space mission requires a lot of preparation to be done. After all, colonizing a new planet would not be an easy thing. 

Everyone on the mission has to become an alchemist to ensure a successful journey and survival on Mars. This involves mixing different materials repeatedly in various ways until they can create things that will help them along their journey.

R-Planet Overview: Stake Your Unused NFTs & Earn
R-Planet Overview: Stake Your Unused NFTs & Earn 31

Inside The Game 

R-Planet is available to play on PC and phone. To begin playing, first, you will need to create a WAX Cloud Wallet and link it to your R-Planet game account.

4 Basic Elements 

The four basic elements, Earth, water, wind, and fire, are the building blocks of any new in-game item. This means you will have to combine these four essential elements using different combinations to create new materials in the game. 

After obtaining new materials, you can mix them in again in the Generator to guess recipes for more materials and things. 

Inventor Prize

The more you keep trying new combinations of different materials to generate new things, the more chances you have of winning the Inventor Prize. 

Inventor Prize money will be collected in Aether tokens from all the players as a small deduction whenever they mix and keep in a Prize Fund.

The initial amount generated through the sale of the four essential elements also contributes to the Prize Fund. 

Suppose you discover a unique recipe for a material that has not existed before in the game. In that case, you will receive the Inventor Prize i.e. 0.002% of the Prize Fund, an NFT pack that you can open to get collectible NFTs, and another NFT that will give you the credits for inventing the new material. 

When a player invents a material, the first 600 other players to guess the recipe for that material will also be rewarded with packs that contain NFTs.

R-Planet Overview: Stake Your Unused NFTs & Earn
R-Planet Overview: Stake Your Unused NFTs & Earn 32

Unique NFT Cards

So far, we have learned how you can get NFTs in the game. Now let’s shed some light on their usability and benefits. 

The R-Planet staking system allows you to stake your NFT cards and receive Aether tokens in return. Each NFT you will mint after a successful mixing will be of varying rarity and mining power. Rare NFTs will give you more mining power, and as a result, you will receive better returns by staking them. 

Moreover, you can also sell your NFTs for real money by putting them on an auction. Other players will be able to place their bids on the listed NFT, and you will get paid in Aether by the highest bidder. 

The 3 Phases of R-Planet Game 

R-Planet is divided into 3 phases. Each phase has different goals and challenges. 

R planet roadmap Mines of Dalarnia will launch on Binance BNB Chain on April 26, 2022. 
R-Planet Overview: Stake Your Unused NFTs & Earn 33

Phase 1: Evacuation 

This is the first phase of the game when the space mission to leave Earth is kicked off. During the first phase of the game, players can get their hands on the Aether tokens, which can then be spent on Basic Elements to generate new NFTs and buy mining tools to mine Aether. A staking system is also introduced where rewards are paid out to NFT holders every hour. 

Phase 2: Colonization 

When the space mission under Captain Pig successfully sets its feet on Mars, it will finally be the time to colonize Mars. R-Planet’s second phase looks promising as many new and exciting features will be added to it. You will be able to buy virtual land plots on Mars, start construction projects, and mine Mars primary elements with a new set of mining tools. 

Phase 3: Conquest 

There seem to be other hostile creatures already on the other side of the new planet, and they might pose a significant threat to the new settlers. To overcome this new challenge, Captain Pig and Co will have to prove themselves in warfare. 

In this phase of the R-Planet, new game characters designed for combat will be introduced. You can buy new characters with different powers and specialties and create your robot or vehicles using the primary Mars elements as a player. 

Final Worlds

There is not much you can do right now in R-Planet besides crafting and staking your WAX NFTs.

If you have any unused NFTs, why not staking them? R-planet has a unique concept that allows every player to earn passively by staking the unused NFTs.

Nevertheless, the staking idea is excellent, but if you are looking for gameplay, R-Planet is not the game for you at the current moment, but that might change in the future, especially with land implementation.

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