GAMEE Unveils Exciting Arc8 Upgrade

GAMEE Unveils Exciting Arc8 Upgrade

Leading game developer GAMEE has announced the release of a much-anticipated update for their popular game Arc8. This is the first of two significant upgrades planned for 2023 and introduces five major new elements designed to enhance user experience and competition.

Daily Leagues: A New Arena for Competition

The Arc8 update ushers in the introduction of Daily Leagues, which will serve as a fresh platform for active players to engage in more rewarding competitions. Instead of the traditional 1v1 battles, players will now have the opportunity to climb leaderboards in league-style contests. The system will select 100 users daily at 1 PM UTC for these competitions. With performance-based ratings, the top 10% of players will earn significant rewards and promotions to larger leagues.

Importantly, participation in these leagues will not impact players’ involvement in the ongoing GAMEE tournaments.

New Feature: Streaks

The Arc8 update also brings a new feature known as Streaks. In a move to reward player consistency, gamers can earn increasing rewards for scoring consecutive victories in battles. A player’s streak attempt will be represented by an Energy Symbol, with everyone being entitled to three streak attempts per day, maintaining a competitive environment. Players with a Premium Pass will have an upper limit of four streaks daily.

Should players exhaust their daily energy limit, the Arc8 upgrade allows the option to purchase refills. Alternatively, they can utilize their won energy or switch to training battles when out of energy. However, these training games will not affect their leaderboard standings.

Reward Packs: Enhancing Player Motivation

To further incentivize active participation, GAMEE is rolling out improved reward packs. These packs will be awarded for 1v1 victories and for players finishing in the top 10% of the daily league. The company has yet to disclose the specific details of the rewards.

With this upgrade, GAMEE continues to underline its commitment to offering engaging and rewarding gaming experiences. As players look forward to the next scheduled update, it is clear that GAMEE is taking significant strides in enhancing its platform and gaming experience for its users.