Gaming Blockchain, Oasys, Teams up With GroundX and Eyes KakaoTalk Integration Through Klip Wallet SDK

Oasys groundx

Oasys announced a strategic collaboration with GroundX, an integral part of Korea’s premier mobile giant, Kakao. This move signals Oasys’s intent to integrate GroundX’s Klip Wallet SDK, a digital asset wallet backed by Kakao.

With the new alliance, Oasys plans to broaden its presence in South Korea by inviting developers to integrate Klip and reach a large user base nationwide.

Klip was introduced in 2020, and it is designed to be compatible with KakaoTalk, the dominant messaging app in South Korea. KakaoTalk has an impressive 90% market share and caters to two million dedicated users. One of the standout features of Klip is the easy sign-in via Kakao accounts, which simplifies the crypto experience for enthusiasts.

Dominic Jang, the Director of Business Expansion at Oasys, has expressed his optimism about the partnership with GroundX, a blockchain company within the Kakao Group. Jang firmly believes that this partnership will unlock the full potential of the Oasys network. Through the Klip Wallet SDK integration, Oasys affiliates will have a streamlined avenue to launch their games. Furthermore, Jang views the collaboration with GRID as strengthening bonds with high-profile South Korean enterprises.

Jang’s mention of GRID is essential because it represents a consortium dedicated to Web3 and NFT ventures. GRID boasts a roster of over 130 global companies, with GroundX being a notable member.

Taekeun Kim, Business Chief at GroundX, expressed excitement about partnering with Oasys to expand Klip’s global reach and enhance digital wallets and NFTs.

The recently formed alliance between Klip and Oasys is just the beginning, as they plan to integrate more advanced features. GroundX’s involvement in the Hackathon, jointly organized by Oasys and XPLA during Korea Blockchain Week, highlights the extent of their collaboration. Additionally, Korean startups under GroundX will soon be able to access Oasys’s extensive resources.

Oasys is a company that leads the way in blockchain gaming. They have a development platform for gaming that uses Ethereum’s Layer-2 scalability, which provides a strong and flexible blockchain foundation. This platform allows for smooth and secure gaming experiences for developers and gamers. Big names such as SEGA, Ubisoft, and Yield Guild Games are some of Oasys’s prominent supporters and are primary validators for its PoS-centric blockchain. Oasys is working with its team and partners to set new standards in the gaming industry.

GroundX, Kakao’s blockchain subsidiary, leads blockchain innovation by developing groundbreaking platforms like Klaytn. In addition to creating the Klip digital wallet, GroundX has also launched the Klip Drops NFT marketplace. They are actively promoting the NFT revolution and envision a digital art realm that is accessible to all and fosters a harmonious environment.