The Multiverse

The gaming Multiverse is an expanding universe of connected blockchain games with their own economy powered by Enjin. The Multiverse has no central authority, it works seamlessly under Enjin’s Blockchain technology and any game can join.  It’s decentralized nature makes it ideal for both developers and gamers as all important financial actions are done under complete transparency.

Multiverse Items

Multiverse Items are Blockchain assets (ERC-1155 tokens) that can be used across multiple games.

Gamers can play different games using a single inventory and their Multiverse items will be usable in many of them.

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Play to earn - the gaming multiverse concept

Multiverse Games

The Gaming Multiverse Games consists of innovative games that support blockchain-powered inventory and are interoperable across other games.

Blockchain allows players to move from game to game and experience an ongoing persistent story development.

Multiverse games are innovative projects with great game mechanics and expanding communities.

The Benefits of The Multiverse

The home of every Multiverse Gamer

Enjin Mobile Wallet

The Multiverse Items (ERC-1155 Assets) can be stored and accessed through the Enjin Wallet avaiilable for Android & iOS.

Enjin Wallet Multiverse Items

Forget about Black Markets and Bans

True Item Ownership

In none of the video games so far players owned their items. Just a license to use them. In Multiverse, players trully own their items and they can sell them, gift or even melt them to acquire a base value in ENJ.

true item ownership enjin

* Items trading can be done through the Multiverse Marketplace which is under development.

The fastest Ethereum Explorer designed for Multiverse Gamers

EnjinX - Your Multiverse Items Explorer

Validate ownership of Multiverse Items, find out items scarcity and track your transactions trough EnjinX, the world's fastest Ethereum explorer by Enjin Coin.

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One Multiverse Item for Multiple Games

Let The Magic Happen

Multiverse Items are usable in various supported games. The image below demonstrates how Aeonclipse Key & Multiverse Mike is shown in Cats in Mechs Game.

Example of multiverse items enjin erc1155 eth crypto gaming egamersio blockcain games website

Discover a universe of interconected games

The Gaming Multiverse

The Multiverse is the most ambitious gaming co-op the world has ever seen. A community of connected games is offering numerous benefits to their players by allowing their pllayers to move between games with a single inventory.

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Click here to see the Multiverse Games.

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