Gaming on TRON Blockchain

gaming on tron 1 Dekaron M is a PC MMORPG that was first released in 2004 and published by Nexon. Now, the game is being rebranded as Dekaron G as they plan to bring blockchain features into the game. 

Blockchain games should be fun, engaging with stunning graphics and markets of equal opportunities. Right now, mostly because of the Ethereum’s scalability issues, TRON is becoming a popular choice for dapp development. Consider the solidity support (Ethereum’s code language) and Sun Network DappChain, its getting geared up to welcome games.

TRON was missing two things, sidechains that are scalable enough, and a unity SDK. The first one arrived, the Unity SDK is under development by SkyPeople, which is also expected to release an RPG game called Five Stars.

There is one thing that TRON currently dominates in, and this is Gambling. Some of the best gambling dapps out there are built on TRON blockchain and they have a lot of users. For example, in Wink, the most used dapp across all blockchains, you can play poker, bet on any sports match with tempting odds, or even play slot machines as the popular Desert Treasure Slot found on Gambling is booming, that’s a fact.

Now let’s talk about games on TRON.

There are a few playable games right now, take for example CropBytes or Blockchain Cuties, which ranks 23 across all TRON dapps with 182 daily users. Another game which also offers profit-sharing is Knightlands, an RPG with evolvable heroes, mintable assets (TRC721) and a dividend token called DKT.

Dapp Evolution platform is developing Pizza Heroes, the first 3D Game on a TRON based blockchain featuring great graphics and fun gameplay, we don’t know the exact release date, but it should be in the next months.

Now it’s time for SkyPeople to shut down Castle Dragon and present us Five Star. Their first RPG on TRON with mintable assets and easy access, designed for newbies in the crypto space. The game will feature turn-based battles and a p2p marketplace.

With the Unity SDK , developers will get the needed resources to develop a game with stunning graphics and entertained gameplay. We are sure that a lot of new games will appear to TRON. The blockchain handles 2,000 transactions per second and now with the dappchain at its first stage of development, dapps can perform ten times faster.

TRON is a controversial platform but wether you agree with Justin’s marketing or not, all it matters is that the platform continues to expand and it experiences an increase in dapps and developers.

It’s a matter of time until we see fascinating blockchain games on TRON, maybe in 2020? Time will tell.