Getting Ready For The Official Spider Tanks Launch

The official launch is scheduled for today, 31/10
Whats up eGamers, the official and anticipated launch date of Spider Tanks has arrived.

Whats up eGamers, the official and anticipated launch date of Spider Tanks has arrived.

Spider Tanks is one of the most anticipated NFT games in 2022. Almost two months ago, we talked about the Spider Tanks launch date. In addition to the launch date, Gala Games, the gaming studio behind Spider Tanks, announced and introduced their Planetary Atlas Nodes. 

Mining is slowly dying, as many have already noticed. Spider Tanks offers you the “go-to” way to earn passive income with the launch of the Planetary Atlas Nodes.

Additionally, Spider Tanks introduced three new game modes, almost a month ago on September 30. The tweet released back then introduced one of the three game modes with a sneak peek showing some robotic-style chickens living their ordinary lives. Then a larger and more powerful chicken represented as “The Enemy” approaches the village. “Are you ready to defend?” is Gala Games’ slogan.

About Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks is a MOBA-style play-to-earn game that features awesome, customizable tanks. The player completes the game’s objectives by controlling their tanks – they can fight across the battle arena. 

Each tank in the game is an NFT that the players can own or rent from other players. Though the game is free-to-play, only those with NFTs can earn SILK (SILK is an ERC-20 Standard token that’s associated with Spider Tanks)

In Spider Tanks, players earn Victory Points as they win. The game considers how rare the tank NFT is and calculates the appropriate amount of Victory Points based on that. There is an Energy Rating given to every item in the game. As you play with these items, the energy is consumed, which decreases the amount of SILK you make. 

Players can upgrade their NFTs into rarer ones if they want to increase their rewards (SILK). Though rarer items cost more to repair, they bring along tons of perks. The maximum level is 30. 

The litepaper also states that there will be a Pilot Program for free-to-play players in which they can rent an NFT (commissioned based) and participate in play-to-earn opportunities. Tank (NFT) owners can rent out their tanks, and Pilots can pick them up and play with them. 

Random tanks will be assigned to the Pilots in the beginning phase. The team will work to make sure that better Pilots are assigned better tanks to rent.