Girls Robots Dragons Integrates Chainlink VRF for Fair NFT Minting


Here’s good news for Girls Robots Dragons as the game announces its integration with Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF). Now, the NFT minters will be ensured that the NFTs they mint are fairly random and this randomness is now verifiable, thanks to Chainlink VRF. 

Girls Robots Dragons

Girl, Robots, Dragons, or GRD is an exclusive NFT collection by the legendary artists Zoltan Boros and Gobar Szikszai. These two have been widely acknowledged for their artworks in hundreds of fantasy and sci-fi books. 

Furthermore, they’ve contributed to some of the renowned blockchain games such as Magic: The Gathering, Star Wars RPG, the World of Warcraft TCG, Dungeons & Dragons, and Hearthstone. 

The collection comprises 15 main characters (5 girls, 5 robots, and 5 dragons) in front of two randomly selected players. 

Girls Robots Dragons X Chainlink VRF

“Chainlink VRF is the best solution for NFT projects needing a secure source of randomness. By helping increase transparency and enabling the generation of provably random outcomes, Chainlink VRF gives our team peace of mind and inspires confidence from our community that we truly believe in creating a fair Girls Robots Dragons NFT mint.”, said Gobar Szikszai, co-artist of Girls Robots Dragons.

Mint GRD NFTs Now

The first 3000 GRD NFTs are on sale right now. At the time of this writing, 736 of them have already been sold. Also, the first batch (3000) of NFTs will receive DUSK Tokens equal in value to the price of the NFT. 

Each GRD NFT costs 0.07 ETH and can be bought directly from your credit card as well. The sale started on June 7th and will end on June 28, 2022, at 9:00 AM EDT.


  • Collect Bonus Art
  • Play & Win ETH
  • Merch
  • Get Your Purchase Price Back

The game and NFT collection will honor Zoltan Boros and Gobar Szikszai by showcasing one of their classic artworks at the back of each NFT.

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