Get Your Free VulcanVerse Scholarship Today

The famous Decentralized MMORPG & Metaverse VulcanVerse is now open to public and the VulcanVerse Cedalion program (scholarships) is live for everyone.

Anyone can now become a scholar by renting a land for free through the VulcanForged website to earn $LAVA tokens and NFTs.

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Now, what is VulcanVerse?

VulcanVerse is a Play-To-Earn decentralized fantasy MMORPG game currently in open Beta. Players can own assets in this massive open world in the form of NFTs and earn $LAVA/PYR Tokens. You can own primary assets such as:

  • Land
  • Vulcanites
  • Gods
  • Items

VulcanVerse Land Plots

Each land plot in the game has its own unique ID and can be owned, traded, built upon, staked, and, most importantly, rented.

If you own land in the game, you can rent it to other players in order to share rewards given for playing.

If you are a player who doesn’t own land, well, now it is your moment!

Sign up on VulcanForged website and create an account. Then go to Centalion Program on the website and rent among hundreds of available land plots to begin your journey on VulcanVerse for free!

In the coming weeks, VulcanVerse will enable daily Quests that earns $LAVA tokens and PVE.

Many gaming guilds have invested in land within VulcanVerse. Some of them include:

The Vulcan Forged is one of the most rapid growing ecosystems in the blockchain space with a strong focus on Metaverses and blockchain gaming. The native token, PYR was recently listed on Binance and expanded its reach to Binance Smart Chain.

VF uses a dual token economy with PYR and LAVA, both tokens are on Ethereum and Polygon that offers high transaction speeds and low fees.

VulcanVerse Cedalion program is an incredible opportunity for anyone who would like to start earning without any investment. Register using the following link and get double rewards until the end of December.

Start for free and earn $LAVA and NFTs.

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