Binance & Huobi Lists Vulcan Forged PYR

Binance PYR

Today, November 26th, Binance listed Vulcan Forged’s $PYR for trading at 08:00 UTC.

PYR/BTC, PYR/BUSD, and PYR/USDT are the available trading pairs.

Anyone who wishes to deposit $PYR to his Binance account can start now, but withdrawals will open at 08:00 UTC tomorrow.

Additionally, $PYR was also listed today on the well-known Huobi exchange,

Recently, PYR token expanded its reach to Binance Smart Chain and users can send it without the enormous fees of Ethereum Network. In addition, PYR is also available on Polygon Network.

Watch today’s livestream with the CEO of Vulcan Forged, Jamie Thomson.

About Vulcan Forged

Vulcan Forged is a gaming studio and platform with a full suite of services, including a minting portal, a top 5 marketplace, and multiple play-to-earn tokens that use a dual token economy, PYR, and LAVA.

The Vulcan Forged ecosystem is getting ready for the public beta launch of VulcanVerse MMORPG and its automated Cedalion (scholarship) program with Land plots, Berserk cards and Vulcanites.

Recently, Vulcan Forged has announced its intentions to build Elysium, an EVM-Compatible blockchain that aims to be the home of all Metaverses.

By the end of this month, VulcanVerse will release the public beta and scholarship program. We expect thousands of players joining massively the flagship MMORPG.