VulcanVerse Land Staking Is The Hottest Thing In Play-To-Earn Right Now

VulcanVerse land staking

VulcanVerse is a blockchain fantasy virtual world based on the Greco-Roman era where users can explore, socialize, build, play, and trade. This virtual world spans an area of 3km x 3km which is divided into 4 quadrants and a City Center known as Vulcan City, the capital of the VulcanVerse.

It has a total of 9918 plots, with each one having a size of 20m x 20m. Bare land can be built on and sculpted by the landowner using in-game tools. Each plot is a unique NFT on the blockchain which can be traded on marketplaces and kept in a wallet.

Staking PYR Into Land Plots.

Leveling up a land allows users to unlock new building assets that increase in quality with every level. Building assets available depend on the Quadrant you are building in. Each Quadrant has its own assets and tools, but you can also bring other assets and use them on your land if they match the level and Quadrant.

VulcanVerse now allows users to earn rewards on their lands through Sowing and Staking. In order to receive rewards, you must own land and upgrade it to level 2 and stake some $PYR.

Land must be Sown first. Sowing represents a one-time up-gradation fee at each level. Once the land is successfully Sown, there is a 20-day waiting period. You also have to stake some PYR in the land for upgrading and sacrifice some LAVA. 

Lands will remain at their levels until they are backed by some PYR. If PYR is removed, your land’s level will be dropped. But you can regain the level by staking some PYR again and paying the LAVA fee.

So far, there are over 4400 land plots in the sowing process within just a few days, that’s 220,000 PYR with a current market value of 995,000 USD.

Land can be upgraded up to level 7 for maximum yield.

The APY on land staking as calculated in this article can be between 500% and 1000% yearly with Vulcan Forged to set aside 10 million PYR for the staking and play-to-earn rewards.

Note that VV is free-to-play (currently, only landowners have access) and play-to-earn with various mechanics and the LAVA token.

How to Sow VulcanVerse Land?

  • Assuming you have PYR and one land plot.
  • Open your “My Forge” account 
  • From the top-down menu, select “SOW”, and then click on “Land”
  • Click the “SOW” button to start
  • Enter your Myforge Pin and the 2FA pin
  • Select “Add to Sow”
  • Your land will now be in Sowing process

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